Ok, Enough Already!

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Over the years I have been one of those ‘lucky’ people who has ‘experienced’ life.  Now, by life, I mean life in terms of the quote “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”  I have lived in a war zone, had a child in intensive care, had a spouse on workman’s compensation (while pregnant with child #4), dealt with multiple financial setbacks, been through divorce,  and over the course of one year I watched as my mom suffered and died from Lou Gherig’s, lost both of my grandmother’s and had my oldest suffer from a major illness.  Every time things would seem to be getting back on track, something else would come up to knock me back down.

My life really seemed to be going wonderfully back in 2009.  I got married to a wonderful man and got to visit my father for the first time in a long time.  Then life came along.  My husband got deported and I sold everything and quit my job to move with him to Mexico.  We worked hard to build a life there, but it was very difficult for me to be away from my family.  Then we found out last November that there was a chance to get a waiver so he could return to the US.  Although it was hard, I moved back to the states and in with my daughter.  A friend of mine offered me the use of his truck, and I was able to find a job.  In spite of these good things, paying for the lawyer and trying to get on my feet has been a struggle.  Right after the holidays, my hours were cut  and what little reserves I had were gone.  Even getting my income tax refund was meager help at best.  My daughter is moving out of her apartment the end of April, so I had to figure out where to go.  My assistant manager had just renewed his lease and was looking for a roommate, and the price is good.  My hours have finally started picking back up since last week.  So, of course, now that I start to see a light at the end of the tunnel… Hello life! My friend’s truck had a problem with it’s brakes – apparently a connector rusted out and he wants me to pay for it, and the price is more than half of one of my paychecks.  Now, while I understand that I have been using his truck, this was an issue that had nothing to do with my use of the truck.  The past two days I have been borrowing my daughter’s car (which had been my car before the move to Mexico).  I feel very uncomfortable using my friend’s truck again since it is very old and seems to have a lot of issues.  However, this means that I needed to get insurance for my daughter’s car so I can drive it.  (more $ out of my already tight finances.)  She has offered to sell me the car, and wait a few months for me to start paying her so I can save some money to get a much needed repair done.

Meanwhile, the packet of paperwork for my husband has apparently gotten lost in the mail, and the backup packet from the lawyer still hasn’t arrived.  My husband has been asking about the possibility of me moving back to Mexico since this process is taking so long.  My limited finances have left me incredibly stressed out and I haven’t been able to see my family or friends like I thought I would since coming back.  All of this has me alternately wanting to curl up in a ball and cry or just go ahead and move back to Mexico, where I’ll at least have my husband to turn to for comfort.   The only problem is that I know it will be very hard to get re-established when it does come time for us to move back.  Plus, I really like my job and I would hate to leave it after all the time they’ve taken to train me.

Is there anyone else out there who keeps getting kicked in the shins by life just as they’re starting to get back to their feet?


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2 Responses to “Ok, Enough Already!”

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I absolutely understand and I actually happen to be dealing with the green card process right now and it’s *really* frustrating.

Thanks Susan. It’s really nice to hear from someone else who knows where I’m coming from. I wish you the best with your green card process. Hopefully this year will bring good news to both of us!

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